VFD-E Series

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Applications :                        
  • Smaller cranes; washing machines; treadmilsl; robot arm of injection machine (clamp); elevator; grinding machine; drilling machine; wood machine; webbing loom; air conditioner for large buildings; water supply system for large buildings, etc.
  • Output frequency: 0.1~600Hz
  • Modular & compact design                                                                        
  • Built-in PLC function
  • Built-in EMI filter (230V 1 phase / 460V 3 phase)                      
  • Optional Fieldbus Modules (DeviceNet, Profibus, LonWorks and CANopen)
  • RFI-switch for mains                                                                      
  • Easy DC BUS sharing
  • Flexible extension                                               
  • Complete Protection

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TYPE : VFD-E Series
FORM : Delta (Brand Taiwan)
APPLICABLE MOTOR (KW) : 0.4-15Kw 220V. 3PH
APPLICABLE MOTOR (HP) : 0.4-22Kw 380V. 3PH
OUTPUT VOLTAGE : 220V. 3PH / 380V. 3PH

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